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The Best Metal Roofing for Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our team of expert roofers are excited to start your next metal roofing project! There are many structures in the Grand Rapids area that are in need of replacement or maintenance.

Grand Rapids Metal Roofing can take care of your project from start to finish. We do everything from advising on your material of choice to keeping scheduled maintenance and upkeep. We provide the highest quality roofing around.

Weather in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area creates many obstacles for those trying to maintain their roof. Although it is difficult, it is crucial to keep your structures roof ready to handle any weather.

The substantial amount of snow that Grand Rapids receives does a considerable amount of damage to asphalt roofing. With our metal roofs, you are provided a safer living or work space.

Our contractors only install the best roofing that is made to last past your expectations. These expert roofers are very skilled and take pride in their work.

Our team will guide you through the entire process of roofing, so it can go as well as possible for you.

There is no project too big or too small for our Grand Rapids contractors. It is the perfect way to modernize or secure your structure, just give us a call today!

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Metal Roofing for Any Structure

The protection your roof provides makes it a crucial part of your structure. We suggest that property owners have their roofing examined at least twice a year. Staying ahead of your roofing maintenance will help lower your costs by avoiding high cost fixes later on. We provide service on the following:

  • Aluminum roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Steel roofing
  • Tin roofing

When it’s time for any number of metal roofing services in the Grand Rapids area, Grand Rapids Metal Roofing is the one stop shop for you. As the most trusted metal roofing contractor in the area, we give you the best quality roofing at a time efficient pace.

The roofing we provide is long lasting, easily maintainable, and ascetically pleasing. Our personalized quote, exact installation, and planned maintenance make sure that you get the perfect roof for you.

This incredible metal roofing makes the value of your structure increase, along side being the best protections for you for years. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on the service we provide from start to finish, giving you comfort in knowing it’ll be done right.

Don’t put your project in the hands of just anyone though. Metal roofing has to be done precisely and our veteran roofers are perfect for the job.

They are skilled at everything that makes your roof panels fit correctly so it has a good seal. Your roof is crucial to the protection of your structure and has to withstand all the elements. Only trust the best with your safety, Grand Rapids Metal Roofing.

Services We Provide


Wanting to get metal roofing? Let us help you make the right decision.


Our team can repair any preexisting problems with your medal roof.


Our team can replace any currently damaged roofing.


We are your go to company for every step of the metal roofing process. Call today for any questions you may have.

Why Choose Grand Rapids Metal Roofing?

We only use the best systems for our roofs that are dependable, long lasting, efficient, and easy on the eye. We respond to your calls and emails quickly, unlike most of the metal roofers in Grand Rapids. The many years of expertise we have in the community only further drives our commitment to constantly improving, great service, and precision roofing. Give us a call now for a free quote!

Benefits of Metal Roofing



Standing seam, just like most other metal roofing, is all recycled materials and is attached directly onto the current roofing system in place. This helps minimize waste and speed the installation process up. The environmentally safe roofing is long lasting and requires less maintenance.


Homes in climates that are warmer usually use granular or pre-painted metal systems to cool the house by letting the solar radiation go that is absorbed and reflecting the rest. In the areas that use a high amount of cool air, these metal roofing options can significantly reduce energy usage and disperse of almost 85% of solar radiation that is absorbed.


A metal roof will make your structure look better, but the look from an exterior design viewpoint is also much better. The thought of this project can be overwhelming, so let our experts make the transition go quickly and efficiently for you. If you are needing a new roof, look no further than the best team around, Grand Rapids Metal Roofing.

Saving You Money by On Energy

Increasing daily, Grand Rapids property owners are making the switch to the more energy efficient roofing option of metal roofing. More people are switching over because of the protection and savings on energy that a metal roof offers.

The secret behind the energy saving that metal roofing offers is in the details. A basic metal roof alone reflects a lot of the solar radiation that usually goes into the upper level of a building when using an asphalt roof.

The different details that offer benefits are sure to meet your needs. Metal roofing fluctuates in color, texture, and design. These can help your home save 35% of your yearly energy bill.

Metal roofing is scientifically proven to save up tp 40% during summer months on your energy bill. Metal roofing also lowers urban air temperatures up to 12 ° F. This creates less pollution in the air and saves you money.

The Only Roof You’ll Ever Need

The size and age of your home does not matter, the lifelong metal roofing is a premium product from the only the best manufacturers. Make sure to think about using a permanent metal roofing system before you use a temporary asphalt roof.

Our Grand Rapids roofs are known for their longevity and look. It is the perfect roof for many different reasons. Allow us to help you through the process today!

Customized for You

Worries of leaks, corrosion, and damage are left in the past when you cover your home with one of our metal roofs. Our team creates a unique design for each and every home to fit perfectly to your structure. There is an incredible amount of textures and colors to choose from. Our experienced team will help you find the perfect metal roof for you so you can sleep sound at night knowing you are safe!

About Us

We Are


We started metal roofing in Grand Rapids many years ago, and won’t turn back any time soon. With so many roofing systems installed in the area, we have plenty of experience for any job. The quality work we have done in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas is the reason why we are so trusted in the community.


Don’t make a hasty decision to temporarily fix your leaky roof when you can permanently fix it! Upgrade your homes appearance and add value with the addition of this long-lasting roof to your home. It is much more than what you see, often times metal roofing lasts up to 100 years!


There is low maintenance needed for metal roofing, and it withstands extreme weather without needing repairs. Our team will measure your home so we can cut the metal precisely to fit your home.

Our Veteran Roofers

The only thing that is just as important as the materials we use is the person who is installing these materials! Our contractors are the most skilled in the area of metal roofing and take pride in their work.

These are not just people who do this in their spare time, they are certified roofers that will do a quality job quickly. Don’t trust just anyone with your homes integrity.

Each member of our roofing team is determined to provide the best roofing there is. Metal roofing  is a good way to show people your creativeness through your home! It is our mission to bring your dream home to life.

We personify the idea of quality over quantity, making it our mission to make your dreams come true. This mission is what drives us to continually improving our services. Every roofer is extremely knowledgeable and has experience in the area.

What We Provide

One of the best ways to provide protection for your home or business is by adding a metal roof to your structure. Although many still use asphalt roofing, metal roofing requires less maintenance, provides better protection, and looks incredible. Our metal roofing systems will save you an unbelievable amount of energy from heating and cooling. Metal roofing does not retain heat like classic asphalt roofing, the heat is reflected instead. Our veteran team is dependable, prepared, and is completely equipped to take care of any problem that could arise. Grand Rapids Metal Roofing will repeatedly provide the best personalized metal roofing available, exceeding all needs and expectation you could have. Allow us to put the best protection possible over your structure by installing one of our famous metal roofs. It is the last roof you will ever have to buy, lasting a lifetime. It is the only roofing that can withstand all weather, including severe storms, winds, and falling trees. Call us today to get the best protection possible!

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